"What we are? How we are? Who we are?

Citymarketing Tilburg asked poet/writer Frank van Pamelen to tell us in at most 100 words. And then they asked cinematographers Martin Kers and Erik-Jan Maalderink to make a film about that with a maximum length of 1 minute. Preferably narrated by 013 Tilburgians.

100 words. 1 minute.
A quest to find the special story of the city... its unique DNA.
The essence of who we are..."

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Tilburg in 100 words
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The project

The film serves as a booster and a source of inspiration for the '1 Minute of Tilburg. In 100 words.' project, in which the people from Tilburg are being invited to depict what they think is special about Tilburg within 1 minute and 100 words.

The text has been written by poet, writer and linguistic genius Frank van Pamelen and is recited by 013 inspirational people from the city of Tilburg.

The film

Together with Citymarketing Tilburg we have composed a list of people who we think have contributed to the identity of the city of Tilburg in a positive way.

The enthousiasm with which they responded to our request to recite a small part of the text was once again typically Tilburg-like: nearly everyone committed to the project without any hesitation.

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Tilburg in 100 words | What we are? How we are? Who we are?
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