Tante & Piet is a script for a feature film about Tante Murti who takes care of her Dutch husband Piet until she can't anymore. In Tante's imagination, a few dwarfs play an interesting yet annoying role.

VOXL animated a few scenes of the film as a pilot for the production of the film.


The indonesian Tante Murti has been longing to find a husband for all her life. When she finally meets the man of her dreams, the dutch Piet, they get married. It doesn't take Tante long to realise that Piet is having psychological 'issues'. For years to come Tante takes care of Piet with unconditional love. Until she can no longer take care of him. Piet has to go to a psychiatric ward.

Airplane scene

In one scene, while on an airplane, Tante Murti's niece Maya is being annoyed by the agitated monologue of one of the dwarves about their relationship.

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3D Character animation
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Assault scene

In another scene Maya has her revenge on Tante Murti by imagining her being transformed into an evil stepmother who is sliced to pieces by the swords of some of the rough-mannered dwarves. Eventually Tante transforms back to her original shape.

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3D Character animation | A few scenes with animated dwarfs as a pilot for the production of the feature film Tante & Piet.
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